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Painting in Public

Last fall I was contacted by the Downtown Oakland Association and offered a grant to design and paint a mural on an Electrical Box a.k.a. "Controller Cabinet" on our block. I noticed that boxes around town were being painted, and I was fortunate to get the opportunity to paint the box directly in front of our shop/studio. This made it infinitely easier for me to accomplish, and take my time over several days of sessions.

The process was challenging but ultimately very rewarding. The toughest part was painting with latex, it doesn't respond well when you try to manipulate it too much, which I love to do with my studio work. It also thickens and dries quickly in open air. I got the hang of it though and I'm pretty happy with the results. Now,the best part was being outside and interacting with the public. Folks were so supportive and encouraging. Can't say how many people took pics of the process, and stopped to chat, giving me their interpretations of what they saw or felt when they looked at the imagery. It was a beautiful feeling to create something that made people feel good. I'd love to do more public art!

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