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Elisa Carozza grew up in, outside of, and around Philadelphia, Buenos Aires, and the Bronx. Elisa Carozza has been painting since her early teens, attending summer and weekend classes at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. She also studied with professional artists Ann Balbirnie, Diana Dowek, and Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya,in their studios both in the United States and Buenos Aires, Argentina before enrolling at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where she received a B.F.A. in 1998. In the Fall of 1999, Carozza moved to California and was impressed deeply by the wild beauty of the Northern California landscape, soaking up the fresh air, views, picnics, the coast, campfires, wine tasting, swimming. While living in Sonoma county, she developed and exhibited several series of paintings, including her Pond, Rooted and Threshold series. In 2006, after nearly seven years in Sonoma County, Carozza moved to Oakland, in a swing back to city life, feeling invigorated by the energy of flux and blossoming potential in the city of Oakland. Elisa continued to paint, developing the Flights and Veil series. In late 2020, Elisa relocated to Bend, Oregon and produced the "Mosaic Range" series of paintings inspired by the high desert mountain landscape and light quality and began her "Cuevas" series featuring a hybrid of previous themes of natural elements but with a fiery palette and addition of new forms and symbols.  In 2023, having returned to the Philadelphia area, Elisa continues to develop her "Cuevas" series. Stay tuned for new work!

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