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My paintings are abstract landscapes depicting atmospheric spaces inhabited by natural forms and archetypal elements, using colors that hold emotional resonance for me. The palette incorporates colors from nature such as turquoise, aqua, and earthy tones combined with metallic gold, black and white. The common themes in my work include the lyrical patterns created by natural elements such as wind, water, wings, foliage, and clouds. These natural forms erupt, ebb and flow as they fade in and out from the gold background, while the gold itself is transformative and represents a sort of alchemical force intersecting the plane of the image, weaving through, in and out to the edges. The ethereal quality of the colors and the expressive paint application contribute to the dreamlike atmosphere of the paintings while the intentionally non-specific quality of the images allow for the viewer to experience the work viscerally and interpret what they see. I believe in the symbolic power of universal images and hope to engage the viewer to feel the mood and sense of place in my paintings. In this work, I am trying to evoke the mysterious emotional quality of how we experience space and archetypal atmospheres that feel familiar yet unknowable. 

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